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White Paper Series

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Stiernberg Consulting White Papers are brief documents that focus on hot, timely, and relevant topics ranging from industry issues to best practices. Our White Paper Series helps connect the dots and make sense of the trends—from both outside and inside the industry—that have the most impact on your business. They provide perspectives that lead to better business decisions.

Since 1993, we have published trend commentary on the business issues facing our industry. We encourage you to share Stiernberg Consulting White Papers with your staff and stakeholders1. We are also eager for your feedback, including comments, questions, and suggestions for future white paper topics. Please e-mail us at:

1. If you use any of the material in presentations or company strategy, we simply ask that you give credit to Stiernberg Consulting as appropriate.

The white papers below are in PDF format.

Stiernberg Q312 Whitepaper
"Understanding M&A and Strategic Alliances:
Dynamics of Mergers, Acquisitions, and Strategic Alliances In Our Industry"

Alliances, mergers, and acquisitions are under-used and often ill-planned in our industry. This white paper defines terms, debunks myths, and makes the case for better strategic alliances now and in the future.

Stiernberg Q310 White Paper
"The Tactics of Strategic Planning:
Contradiction or Critical Success Factor?"

What are the five key applications for scenario planning? And how does a strategic plan become a useful decision-making tool? This white paper offers new thinking on strategic planning and its application in today's highly dynamic markets.

Stiernberg Q309 White Paper
"Is the Grass Really Greener? Myths and Realities About Crossing Over Residential and Commercial Market Segments in the Electronic Systems Industry"
Is your company considering expanding into new markets for business development, growth, or just plain survival? This white paper provides perspective on the opportunities and risks in crossing into the residential and the commercial systems markets and includes 12 myths and realities and five success tips for navigating new business terrain.

Stiernberg Q209 White Paper
"When In Doubt, Find Out! Using Market Intelligence to Manage Risk and Uncertainty"
Tired of flying blind in today's changing market? Want to plan ahead with confidence? Market intelligence is your tool for managing both risk and uncertainty as you look to the future. This white paper includes myths, realities, and success tips for raising your market intelligence IQ.