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Stiernberg Consulting White Papers focus on hot, timely, and relevant topics ranging from industry issues to best practices. We invite you to download any or all as a courtesy. If you use any of the material in presentations or company strategy, we simply ask that you give attribution to Stiernberg Consulting as appropriate.

The white papers below are in PDF format.

Is the Grass Really Greener? Myths and Realities About Crossing Over Residential and Commercial Market Segments in the Electronic Systems Industry

Is your company considering expanding into new markets for business development, growth, or just plain survival? This white paper provides perspective on the opportunities and risks in crossing into the residential and the commercial systems markets and includes 12 myths and realities and five success tips for navigating new business terrain.

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The Tactics of Strategic Planning: Contradiction or Critical Success Factor

What are the five key applications for scenario planning? And how does a strategic plan become a useful decision-making tool? This white paper offers new thinking on strategic planning and its application in today's highly dynamic markets.

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Understanding M&A and Strategic Alliances: Dynamics of Mergers, Acquisitions, and Strategic Alliances in Our Industry

Alliances, mergers, and acquisitions are under-used and often ill-planned in our industry. This white paper defines terms, debunks myths, and makes the case for better strategic alliances now and in the future.

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When In Doubt, Find Out! Using Market Intelligence to Manage Risk and Uncertainty

Tired of flying blind in today's changing market? Want to plan ahead with confidence? Market intelligence is your tool for managing both risk and uncertainty as you look to the future. This white paper includes myths, realities, and success tips for raising your market intelligence IQ.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are Frequently Asked Questions about Stiernberg Consulting. Please click on the question for detailed answers.

What is your track record? What do clients get when they hire Stiernberg Consulting?

Stiernberg Consulting has delivered results on time and on target since 1993. We have had over 165 clients in that time, and > 60% repeat with multiple projects. Clients rely on us for expert advice, solutions, and creative collaboration on addressing business problems and opportunities. Click here to learn more.

Who are you? Who is on your team?

Our core team includes John Stiernberg (founder and president), Jeanne Stiernberg (principal consultant), and Yesenia Martinez (office coordinator and research assistant. Our global Strategic Services Network includes experts and sub-contractors that we bring in depending on the project. Click here to learn more.

What makes Stiernberg Consulting unique? What are your core values?

We are the only known business development firm that focuses on the entertainment technology, music products, and AV/IT systems industry exclusively. We have a deep understanding of 1) industry scope and structure, 2) the impact of technology, 3) global channel dynamics, 4) fit with vertical venue markets, and 5) product applications across multiple categories. Core values:

  • We strive to help our clients meet and exceed their business goals and objectives.
  • We communicate accurately and responsively.
  • We develop and enjoy long-term relationships.
  • We enjoy our work.
  • We are committed to our industry and a positive future.

Click here to learn more.

Do any of your consultants make special presentations at industry events or company meetings?

Yes, we have appeared at dozens of trade events and client meetings. We can create and present a custom keynote, moderate a panel discussion, or facilitate a high-level meeting. Let’s discuss your special needs. Click here for more examples.

Can you provide samples of your work?

While most of our work is proprietary to our clients, you can gain perspective by reviewing our white papers on planning, market intelligence, and strategic alliances. Let’s discuss your specific interests and what you would like to see. Click here for links to current publications.

What does Stiernberg Consulting do? What business development services do you provide?

We provide business development services on a contract/outsourced basis. Our work falls into three broad categories: 1) Planning, 2) Market Intelligence, and 3) Strategic Alliances including M&A advisory. Click here for more examples.

What industry do you focus on? What do you mean by Entertainment Technology, Music Products, and AV/IT?

Our industry has three primary facets: 1) entertainment technology (from home media production and delivery to festival production), 2) music products (from recording software and music accessories to keyboards, drums, and guitars), and AV/IT systems (from multi-zone music, video, and paging to networked audio, video, and data systems). Click here for more examples.

What industry trade associations and professional societies are you affiliated with?

We are members of and/or do business with the leading trade associations in our multi-faceted industry. Click here for a list of current affiliations.

How do I contact Stiernberg Consulting for more information?

We are available via e-mail, telephone, LinkedIn, and Skype. Click here to connect.

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