September 04, 2014

Business Chops Hot Tip #3: How Strong is Your Network?

The AV/IT/MI/CE* systems industry is built on networking from the electronic to the human. Just as individual gear components operate within systems contexts, so too do individual people who give life to the market. Successful firms are those whose individuals are connected to a wide range of industry stakeholders. Networking theory contends that the most efficient path to multiple end-points is through a network. Effective and robust human connectivity requires well honed and disciplined communication skills. Focused communication as a multi-dimensional, multi-media, disciplined set of activities also requires time and proactive attention. The upcoming CEDIA Expo and AES Convention provide opportunities to assess and enhance connections of all kinds. How robust are your networks?

Stiernberg Consulting provides strategic and tactical business planning services and market intelligence for manufacturers and other companies in the audio-video, music products, entertainment technology industries. Visit the Stiernberg Consulting Industry Calendar of Events for a glimpse of the multiple networking opportunities in our industry at large.

 *audiovisual, information technology, music products (formerly “musical instruments”), consumer electronics.

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